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General Information

Dozens of tables and vendors and all the hacker merchandise you can imagine.....

  • Thursday - 9AM - 6PM - Setup Only
  • Friday - 10AM - 7PM
  • Saturday - 10AM - 7PM
  • Sunday - 10AM - Closing Ceremonies

The Vendor Goons

During DEF CON you'll have access to Vendor Goons that'll make sure you've got what you need during the conference.
















Considering requesting a space for DEF CON? Please read through the following questions carefully before requesting a space in the Vendor area!

How are tables reserved?

All prospective vendors need to complete the application through this website.

Please note, if you were a t-shirt vendor last year and want to return, you must have at least 4 (four) new shirt designs. These should be designs that you didn't sell last year.

Are tables allocated on a first come/first served basis?

No. This has been the policy in some years past, however this year, each application for space in the DEF CON 22 Vendor Area will be evaluated by the Vendor Area Staff and a determination about the appropriateness and value of the vendor will be determined. Vendors will be notified regarding the decision on their application (approved or declined).

DEF CON reserves the right to refuse a table to any prospective vendor for any reason and without explanation.

How much are tables?

Table pricing has changed this year. We are offering table spaces in different sizes and configurations. All table spaces are limited in number. This year we have the following spaces;

  • 8 Foot = $600
  • 10x10 = $1000
  • 10x10 with extra storage = $1250
  • 3 table “U” = $2050
  • 6 table rectangle = $3500
  • 6 table rectangle with extra space = $4200
  • Payment for tables will be due in full by May 30, 2014. Payment details will be sent once your application has been approved. We are exploring options for electronic payments and, if available, that information will be provided as well.

    If your booth is not paid in full prior to the show, your space may be given to another interested party. Any cancellations must be made 30 days prior to the start of DEF CON 22 (Aug. 7th 2014) to receive a partial refund (50% of table cost).

    Vendor tables no longer come with a badge included in the price, Vendor badges must be purchased separately.

    What size are the tables?

    There are two different sizes of tables: 8’x3’ (approximately) and 8’x18” half-tables (approximately). All spaces will receive one 8x3 table. If you require half-tables for any reason, please note that on your application.

    Table space is charged for the table, not table size. There will be a charge for extra tables.

    Do I have to get a table for all 3 days?


    Is there A discount for multiple tables?


    Do I Need to Buy a Badge for My Table?

    Yes. No one will be admitted into DEF CON without a badge. Each vendor table will need to purchase at least one vendor badge.

    Can I use the DEF CON Logo in my designs?

    The text "DEF CON" and all iterations and versions may be used on clothing items and stickers only, with approval from Jeff Moss. The text must appear in conjunction with "22” or "2014” or "twenty-two”, etc to designate that the item is specific to this year's conference. Items with any iteration of DEF CON 22 may not be advertised or sold publicly after August 15, 2014.

    All other items such as barware (glass, plastic, metal or otherwise), toys, electronic items, etc may not contain any version of the text DEF CON without prior permission. Items containing only the text DEF CON in any iteration may not be sold. Not sure if any of this stuff applies to your stuff? Just ask. Send an email to Mike Petruzzi (wiseacre2 [at] and he will pass on the request. All requests must include a mock up picture of the proposed design.

    Under no circumstances may the DEF CON logo of any version (past or present) appear on any merchandise that will be sold by persons other
    than the official DEF CON swag booth.

    The idea is for the vendors to create specific DEF CON 22 merchandise, not generic DEF CON stuff.

    Any vendor who is found in violation of this regulation will have any offending items confiscated and will be removed from the Vendor Area.

    Email wiseacre2 [at] with any questions.

    How and when do I need to submit my logo for inclusion in the DEF CON 22 Program?

    Logo files should be saved as vector artwork, EPS file format, Illustrator preferred. Minimum resolution of 300dpi, 1200 dpi preferred.

    Photoshop TIF, JPEG and PSD files are accepted if they are a minimum 4" (at the largest point) at 150 dpi.

    No GIF or PNG files accepted. No logos created in Word or PowerPoint accepted. No exceptions.

    Logos should be submitted when your application is accepted, compressed in archive (.zip, .tgz, .sit, .sea acceptable). More information will be provided at that time.

    What time is set up for vendors?

    Vendor set up will begin on Thursday, August 7, 2014 at 9:00 AM. All vendors must be set up by 6:00 PM that day. The Vendor area will be open for those nine hours specifically for set up. If you do not think you can set your area up in that time, you should plan on bringing more helpers.

    At 6:00 PM on August 7, 2014, the Vendor Area will be secured and anyone that is not DEF CON staff will have to leave the area. This allows vendors that have completed set up to leave and get some rest before the show starts the next day...they need it, and so do we!

    What hours will the Vendor Area be open?

    The Vendor Area will open to the public at 10:00 AM each day (Friday - Sunday). Vendors may arrive one hour earlier (9:00 AM) to begin preparations for the day. Only authorized vendors (with Vendor Badges) will be allowed in the Vendor Area for this additional hour. There are no exceptions. The Vendor Area will close at 7:00 PM on Friday and Saturday. The Vendor Area will close at the start of closing ceremonies on Sunday.

    15 minutes prior to the appointed close time, an announcement will be made that the Vendor Area is closing. Transactions that are in progress, or persons in line to pay for items may complete their transaction. No additional persons will be allowed into the Vendor Area after the appointed close time. Vendors have one additional hour (until 8:00 PM) to wrap things up and vacate the Vendor Area on Friday and Saturday. On Sunday Vendors will have additional time to pack up any remaining merchandise.

    If I am not at my booth when the Vendor Area opens, who will watch it?

    No one. You are responsible for any merchandise in your area while the Vendor Area is open.

    DEF CON is not responsible for any lost or stolen articles.

    Is there security when the Vendor Area is closed?

    Yes, a security guard will be guarding the room when the Vendor Area is closed. There will be one guard outside the Vendor Area and one guard stationed inside.

    Will there be Vendor Badges again?

    Yes. You can purchase DEF CON vendor badges for yourself and your helpers for $220.00. In order to ensure that you receive the correct number of vendor badges you need to specify the number of additional badges you require on your application. If you also wish to have a Human badge, you must purchase those for $220.00 each, but remember you and your helpers will need to have vendor badges to get into the vendor area before the Vendor Area opens.

    Who do I pay?

    Payment for tables will be due in full by May 30, 2014. Payment details will be sent once your application has been approved. We are exploring options for electronic payments and, if available, that information will be provided, as well.

    If you need additional vendor badges that you have not paid for once you arrive, you can pay on site and receive your vendor badges. If you don't specify the number of badges you need you can't be guaranteed a Vendor badge although you purchase a Human badge. This will just mean that you need to coordinate with the Vendor Staff to enter and exit the room during morning setup and evening tear down.

    How many hours of selling time will I have?
  • Nine (9) on Friday
  • Nine (9) on Saturday
  • Seven (7) on Sunday
  • Total selling time: Twenty Five (25) Hours

    Can I advertise my booth at DEF CON?

    Once your table has been reserved, you are welcome to advertise that you'll be at DEF CON. The only stipulation is that you provide links to the DEF CON web page (

    Once you have paid your vendor fee and submit your logo, we will place your logo and listing in the DEF CON 22 website and in the Official Program

    Last year I saw some HUGE displays. Can I do that?

    Maybe. One of the required pieces of information in your application for a vendor table is the type and size of your display. We will work with the hotel to make a determination on which displays are acceptable and which are not and get back to you.

    The ceilings in our room are 30 feet tall so as long as your display is no longer than 8 feet and no taller than the ceiling you should be ok. It would probably be smart to make sure that you have some clearance though…just in case.

    Can I have a Banner hung on the wall?

    Maybe. There are a few considerations here. We have limited wall space in the room and not every table is against a wall. If you want to hang banners you should note it in your application. Also, our agreement with the Rio has caused us to make some changes here. The Rio staff will have to hang all banners.

    This means that you MUST have professionally created banners (with grommets) and they MUST be at the Rio no later than 5 PM on Tuesday, July 29, 2014. Banners can be no larger than 6 ft by 3 ft. Banners with stabilizing rods can be hung from the ceiling. Each Banner will require an additional $200 in order to be hung. Some tables will be against walls that contain metal and they will be able to be hung with magnets (which you will provide). If you are lucky enough to be against a metal wall, there will be no fee for banner hanging.

    Don’t count on it, though. Assume you will have to pay the banner fee unless told otherwise. We cannot guarantee that your banner will be hung if it has not been delivered to the Rio with your company name on the back by 5 PM Tuesday. Please note how many banners you want for your table/area in your application. If it is not noted in the application then we cannot guarantee that we will be able to accommodate your banner. Absolutely no banners may be hung with any form of tape. No banners may be hung outside of the Vendor Area.

    Can I choose my table from the diagram like in the past?

    Tables will be assigned by the DEF CON Vendor Staff. Certain tables have to be placed in specific areas due to agreements between vendors as well as to accommodate book signings, and other DEF CON related activities. We will certainly try to work with all vendors to ensure that everyone is pleased with their location. The diagram will be available to view on the application page.


    Who is the Vendor Staff?

    Mike (wiseacre) will be coordinating everything leading up to DEF CON. Once on site, Wiseacre and Danny (Wad) will be running the Vendor Area. AlxRogan, PushPin Latenite and Redbeard are back again this year as well.

    Are there non-smoking areas in the Vendor Area?

    The Vendor Area is non-smoking